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Our Top 8 Reasons for Choosing Frozen vs. Fresh

Since our launch earlier this year we have had many customers ask if our meals are delivered fresh or frozen.

We deliver them frozen for many reasons. We're obsessed with the provenance and freshness of every ingredient that goes into our meals. We've worked with our trusted suppliers for years and love collaborating to develop natural gluten free options where none existed before. 

Let’s dive into our top 8 reasons for choosing Frozen vs. Fresh: 


Frozen vegetables are nutritionally more reliable than fresh as freezing prevents sensitive vitamins and nutrients from being lost during transportation. 

No Seasonal Restrictions

Freezing allows us to choose from a vast selection of seasonal ingredients all year round. It allows us to provide you with some of our more unusual meals you may not have tasted before because their preparation times and high quality ingredients would be prohibitive if you had to start from scratch. 


Frozen food does not need to contain any preservatives or other nasties to keep them fresher longer. 


The Frozen Food Foundation says that frozen fruits and vegetables are equally, and possibly more nutritious than fresh. 


Freezing suspends microbial and fungal activity in the food. As long as the food remains frozen, it is safe. 


Most manufacturers (such as ourselves) have refined preparation, storage and reheating techniques to create healthy, quality meals and entrees, saving you time and money. Store them in the freezer and use only when needed! 

Cost effective

Only use what you need. Meals kept in the freezer for when you don’t have time to cook means you don’t have to spend huge amounts of money on unhealthy takeaway or make poor food choices. It also means you save money as you waste less. 

Less waste

Using your freezer helps you use only what you need. There is no mad rush to consume huge amounts quickly and you have time to eat only what you need. Freezing means you can keep larger quantities of food for longer.

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